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Friday’s are usually wonderful days. I end my academic day with my health class which I really enjoy and I have the rest of the day to relax and work on homework. Today I chose to relax more so then do homework but then again I had already turned in my two assignments due today on Thursday. 

After class I played some video games, ate lunch and watched Better Call Saul; a spinoff of Breaking Bad. Both good shows which I highly recommend! My latest assignment was to work on my presentation for Monday’s health class. The topic being how we improve global health, via changing national or international politics or both as it may be. My class is on global public health more or less and it’s a rather new topic for me since I’ve never take a public health let alone a global health course before. 

In case you were wondering (and even if you weren’t) what I had for lunch today it was a Cornish pastry. Not a bad one but not the best; guess I’ll just have to go to the source for the best! That’ll be a trip sometime as both Devon and I would love to see more of the UK itself while we’re here!

 My title, in case you weren’t aware stands for “thank God it’s Friday” and Snapchat even has a filter for it. Go figure.  
Tomorrow I’m essentially being a sort of tour guide as I’m interpreting it for a friend of a friend back at college; I’m looking forward to showing off what I know and helping to make their Saturday a fun one with some good touristy photos (hopefully the weather will cooperate!). 

Well until tomorrow when I’ll have more to write about and updates on how being a mini tour guide went!