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Today the highlight was that I got to practice some more yoga. Ever since I got my mat I’ve been starting to practice regularly again and it’s great. The more I practice the sorer I get and can start to work on those poses. Lately I’ve been really focused on Hollow Back against the wall which is really one of my favorite poses. It’s challenging yet really rewarding and can be a great stretch I suppose you could call it.


Just some fun with Hollow Back pose in a handstand against the wall!

I also did a new-to-me yoga flow. This flow started out in Butterfly then into a spine twist followed by child’s pose, table top and down dog. These then cycle through until the end sequence where it went to a low lunge on each side and then ended up with down dog again. My usual routine is to start with Sun Salutation A followed up by B after which I practice my handstands and other inversions and other assorted poses. I feel a bit limited since I don’t have my yoga blocks or my strap here but I’ll make do for a little while longer I’m sure!

Ending my night on a positive note here (as usual) and can’t wait to blog about tomorrow!