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Monday being Monday was well, a bit rough. I may have stayed up a little too late last night perhaps, and I didn’t sleep in nearly as much as I probably should have to “compensate” for the lack of sleep. Oh well. As per usual I had both of my classes today although this time my schedule changed a little bit and I now have only a two hour break in between classes on Monday instead of my usual four or five hour break. That translates into no nap time on Monday. I decided to stay at the classroom area and tough it out rather than taking the time to walk back to the accommodations and walk back for class again.

Part of the time I really don’t exactly know what’s going on in my one class but it is still early on and we’re slowly being introduced to the material. For my other class today, I was a bit tired so sad to say I more or less zoned out about half of the class time.. Luckily I had some food to snack on or I may have really fallen asleep. Since my second class got out at 7pm tonight myself and two others decided to grab a bite to eat out. Devon and I had scoped out some places to check out a few weeks ago so we went to one of those places. The locale for this evenings dinner was Rocket a pretty chill pub that wasn’t too far away yet wasn’t right at our doorstep either. The food was plentiful and relatively cheap depending on what you wanted. I ended up getting the classic dog and I was a bit stuffed.

Until tomorrow! I’ll probably have some more interesting topics to talk about then, it’s a field trip day!