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As promised I’ve got the deets on most of the doughnuts that I didn’t try yesterday! The first one I tried today was the Nutella one. Oh my goodness. I wish I could have shared it with everyone. This was my first taste of nutella since being back at college. Months. Nutella never tasted so good! The doughnut itself was technically a “cronut” a light and fluffy croissant mixed with a doughnut. I could peel apart the layers if I wanted to and I did indeed to savor it. In reality though I pretty much devoured it.. anyway. The filling was light and creamy and oh so nutellay, it was dare I say it, heaven in a doughnut. If need more convincing just as my roommate, she’ll back me up on that!

The next doughnut encounter came a few hours later when as our after lunch snack we split the creme brulee doughnut. This one was also quite tantalizingly delicious! The sugar coated top was crispily fantastic, yet light and sugary at the same time. The filling, once again, delish! Needless to say we’ve got solid plans in the works to go back and pick up some more.. Perhaps we’ll even be so kind as to share our find with fellow students here!

 The next food item on the agenda was dinner. We went to a Vietnamese restaurant recommended by our friend. Sen Viet was the spot tonight, rather busy when we got there but we were able to be seated quite quickly. This took the spot of Thai food which we were originally going to go for. Once seated we were served some chips (either shrimp or prawn chips/ crackers) which I really enjoyed. Devon ordered Soft egg noddles with chicken, and then vegetarian spring rolls for her side dish, I went with lemongrass & chicken. For dessert we decided to each order something different and then share what we got. I cannot tell you what it was exactly that I ordered by name  but it was mixed fruits with jelly and shaved ice in a coconut milk base. The fruits included mango and lychee berry plus there were kidney beans as well. Devon ordered mango spring rolls which is, what you would expect. Mango pieces wrapped in the usual roll with a mango and coconut sauce to dip them in. Both were super yummy although if I had to pick between the two I would have gone for the mango spring rolls, they were just too good especially with the sauce to dip them in!  All in all this weekend has been a great food exploration for what it was and I can’t wait for more!

 Until tomorrow!