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Devon and I were planning on going to a park today to see if we could pet some cute dogs, in reality we just went to a few different food places. This started out when we got on the wrong bus in the wrong direction to the right area for bagels. It just so happened that we had been planning on getting some of the Rainbow bagels from the Beigel Shop (two doors down from Beigel Bake). Instead of getting on the wrong bus being a bad thing it turned out quite nice. We also happened to get some doughnuts on the way to the bagel shop, these of course were for tomorrow and a lunch time snack, can’t have eaten everything for breakfast.

 Prior to break, Devon had seen a post somewhere about the rainbow colored bagels and we both were interested in checking it out for ourselves so off we went! I went for the usual plain (albeit rainbow) bagel with cream cheese. Perhaps one of these times I’ll just need to go for something a little pricier say 2 pounds instead of one pound 50 pence or something like that!  The doughnuts we got were also delicious, we got a mixed half dozen with three special ones a creme brule, a nutella and I can’t recall the third one but I’ll be letting you know how it tastes probably tomorrow! The other three doughnuts were a chocolate one for each of us; we’ll be splitting the creme brule and the third one so as to try them all.

Not only did we  get some awesome food today, we also saw a gorgeous Ferrari and some cool graffiti (we were in Shoreditch after all). Not sure what tomorrow has in store for me but I’m sure I’ll have some delicious things to write about if nothing else!