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Again, today was the first day of my second class this time around. It was Intercultural Communication and Leadership. I still don’t quite know what exactly this class is about per say from what we’ve talked about but I know that it’ll be quite interesting! Devon and I have it together as I mentioned before so that’s nice, we can, uh compare notes? Or perhaps we can just talk about how the assignments are well, seemingly interesting. More to come about those later on for sure.

Since we just had the one class today we decided to grab a bite to eat on our way back from class and then to go shopping for groceries at the local super market. We also happened to go to a store that sold yoga mats, oops. I bought one as I intended to and I made sure to get a session in tonight. Definitely realized that I should have been doing yoga continuously this whole time, I’ve lost some of the gains I made the first time around sadly. Anyway, I plan to keep practicing and will do so now that I have the basics i.e. mat and space to do so.

Tomorrow should be fun as Devon and I are going to chill with some people and dogs which I’m super excited for! I’ll have some updates about that tomorrow 🙂