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The first thing we did today was go and check out the museum island area. We found the National Gallery, the Berlin Cathedral, and Museum Island itself. I had seen pictures of museum island and the Berlin Cathedral and those were definitely on my list of places to see.


Berlin Cathedral & TV Tower


National Gallery

 I was very impressed with the Berlin Cathedral, it’s impressive architecture and air of prestige were awesome. I was also pretty excited to see Museum Island in person! For fear of museum fatigue we decided not to go into Museum Island but instead headed to the DDR Museum. We were pretty hungry at this point so we stopped at a cappuccino place and found some pretty good food!

 Next we went to the Brandenburg Gate and snapped a few pics followed by the Holocaust memorial not too far away. After that we went to Checkpoint Charlie and spent a while in the museum there which I found really interesting! Before heading into the museum we found a few more pieces of the wall itself which was pretty neat. There are a number of wall pieces around Berlin itself which makes sense as it was a huge part of Berlin’s history. We also went into the Nior shop nearby which I found really interesting. Nior, a French artist was the first to “tag” if you will or paint on the East side of the Berlin wall.


Brandenburg Gate


United States Embassy with their own bear


Memorial to the Murdered Jews


Cars outside the Noir shop

We stopped in a Häagen Dasz for a snack and it was amazing. Definitely the fanciest ice cream shop I’ve ever been to!

 Until tomorrow!