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To be quite frank, I was very underwhelmed by the exhibition at Two Temple Place. I am a huge fan of Egypt and its artifacts, but this exhibition just didn’t do it for me. I think I was more interested in the house as the tour guide who introduced us to it was fantastic and really sold the house to us.

The Beyond Beauty exhibition had two levels, the bottom was about life while the top floor was about death. Some interesting facts that I hadn’t known before, the black kohl that the Egyptians wore around their eyes had antibacterial properties! Now I thought that was really cool to find out. Not only was it for looks but it protected them a little from bacteria and whatnot.

I enjoyed looking at limestone jars which were used to hold internal organs, I also liked the sarcophagi they were showing.


Did I mention that we saw some gorgeous cars also? I saw a white Bentley, a black one, and a gorgeous Maserati  it was fabulous. Well, I’m going to Berlin soon, I can’t wait for that trip! Until next time!