I didn’t quite know what to expect before coming to Berlin so I wasn’t surprised by anything really. I was however interested to see the differences between Berlin and London. Berlin, at least where the hostel is seems rather drab for the most part. It’s concrete buildings, some old and abandoned looking others new and refurbished. The graffiti brightens up the bleak buildings there.  

 Over towards the Reichstag however the buildings a are newer more sleek and made of glass it seems. In London you’ve got a mix of everything; the old with the new, the bare concrete and the graffitied portions.    
 The highlight of today for me was probably getting to go up in the TV Tower and seeing the Reichstag at night all pristine and lit up.

We also had dinner in The Berliner Republik which was fantastic. The food was great the prices if you timed it right even better! I got a 1/3 of a liter for 2.40 euros. We happened to be there for the “Market Crash” in which all of the prices for the beers went down as a fake news report played followed by the tolling of a bell. 


 Additionally we made it to the Victory Tower which I thought was awesome! The stairs were killer, the view totally worth it! I saw the statue from the bus on our way to the Reichstag and it just so happened that Eli& I decided we may as well have gotten off sooner rather than later so as to see more sights and it worked out perfectly! 

 The ending of the night was perfect, we went up in the TV Tower with stellar views of the city and a good bar if I might add. I love me some good views and especially if I can see the glittering city lights, just an added bonus!