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For my Psych class today we went to Two Temple Place for the Beyond Beauty exhibition featuring Egyptian artifacts. The building itself was quite impressive, it had belonged to the richest man in the world and has since been sold a few times to its current owners who house the exhibition. The building itself was built in 1895 which according to our guide is young, by British standards anyway! The house was built of the finest materials as there was all the money needed to acquire them and construct it. Pillars at the top of the staircase are solid mahogany, the walls and some ceilings as well as most of the floors were wood that was its original color . The creator was all about the natural beauty of the wood and 99.9% of the surfaces in the building aren’t painted. The only exceptions to that are the statues in what used to be his office. It’s said that he couldn’t see them as well as he liked since the room and statues were all dark cedar so he had them painted gold.

Once you entered through the main entrance you found yourself looking at a grand staircase. Along the staircase itself were statues of the Three Musketeers, the original owner was a huge literature fanatic. Also depicted were statues of the Last of the Mohicans, along with Hester Prynne of The Scarlet Letter! 

Beautiful grand staircase 


Last of the Mohicans statue


Ceiling to the staircase area, if you can zoom in you can see 1895 on the stained glass; when the building was built. 


Hester Prynne of The Scarlet Letter

Upon entering the office of the original owner we were astonished at the beautiful stained glass pieces at either end. One was of a morning scene in Sweden which you can tell by the flag on the boat. The second is of a sunset in Italy. The sunset one was definitely my favorite as I love the pinks and purples of sunset and sunrise.