Wednesday is my favorite day of the weekdays since I don’t have class! Today I was very productive, I did laundry, packed for my break and finished one of my two papers due Friday! Besides that though I did nothing. 

I woke up the last time around 12pm started laundry by 1, and finished my first paper by 6:30. Now I’m so “patiently” waiting to go grab some food with Andrew and Devon. We’re planning on going to Chop Chop as none of us have been yet so it should be fun. When I get back to the room I’ll likely work on my second paper for which I’m much more prepared and have a solid outline already. I decided to tackle the less interesting paper first and save the best for last. 

Not to say that the Berlin Air Lift wasn’t interesting, it clearly was or I would have picked a different topic. I am just perhaps more partial to my Health Psych class since Psychology was my minor after all. I’m excited to write the Psych paper, it’s detailing the advice we would give to a neighbor who was trying to quit smoking and the class lectures were excellent in preparing us to answer that question. 

So as I’ve let myself run out of perishable food stuffs I decided to order extra food for the next few days from Chop Chop. What I didn’t realize going into it was the enormous portion sizes. You really get more than you pay for it seemed! The food was good and I love the spring rolls that I got as did Devon! I also ordered vermicelli and chicken chow mein and then I ate my soup there. I went a little overboard but hey I’m set for food until I leave!

 I recommend this place as it’s affordable and has a wide variety of choices!