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Today for my Transatlantic Relations class we went to the London Imperial War Museum. The building itself is lovely from the outside and is surrounded by a nice park (which is filled with dogs might I add). Facing the building and looking to the right of it there is a memorial which if I remember correctly was paid for by Russia and Britain jointly commemorating the Soviet deaths in WW2. Looking direcctly to the left of the main entrance there is a piece of the Berlin Wall which was really interesting to see.

  Also equally interesting were two guns from naval ships surrounded by their ammunition. The guns were huge as one would expect and I’d never seen the likes of them before. Upon entering the museum you are greeted by security who searches any bags that you bring in. The first sight after that is airplanes suspended from the ceiling and other assorted vehicles of war. A rocket stands off to the side while the airplanes are the stars of the show in the main entrance area. You can also see all of the flights of stairs as they are open staircases to each of the ascending levels. I was more or less in awe of the airplanes. I’m a sucker for cool looking things in museums.

As we did and looked at a number of things I’ll be posting again tomorrow to follow up on this museum visit. I can’t encompass it all in one post or I won’t do it justice. The photos here are that of an old British airplane-Old Fred, a nuclear bomb capsule, a part of the Twin Towers, and my lunch that doubled as dinner it was so yummy!

Tomorrow’s post will go more into detail as to what I saw, what I liked and didn’t about the museum and also who I talked to while there. Until then, enjoy these photos & little teaser!

Entryway to the museum from the main entrance

Old Fred with the number of missions it completed: 49


A nuclear bomb capsule, one of five made

Piece of the Twin Towers that were destroyed in 9/11/2001

Dinner & Lunch as it so happened!