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There is only one more week left for this block and it still doesn’t feel as if I’ve been here for a month already. As I’ve mentioned before I’ll be going to Berlin and then Stockholm over my first break and I’m really excited to see the sights and different countries.

Today was interesting, I had group projects in both classes which was fine. They went well after some hiccups. Mainly the remaining members had to cover for those who didn’t show up for both presentations. I feel as if they still went really well though so I’m sure my grade will reflect that. The first presentation was on the relationship between Bush and Blair with emphasis on the Iraq war and some public opinion afterwards. The second was on binge drinking and interventions possible.

The next assignments coming up are two 2000 word papers, one for each class. Those will be fun to write. Luckily I’ve got my topic picked out for my health course, so I can focus on figuring out the one for Transatlantic Relations. I’m probably going to write about some aspect of the Berlin Airlift, or possibly specifically Checkpoint Charlie. I’ve got a week to figure it out so I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Andrew and I went on a little excursion to the US embassy today which was chill. It’s interesting to me that the US embassy was the only one with an outright fence and guards with guns.. Go figure. Perhaps I didn’t see the other guarded ones? We saw at least three Bentley’s and a Tesla which was cool, I’m all about the pretty cars. Even better was on the Tube back when I got to pet a super cute King Charles Spaniel! It was super sweet, perked up when I went to pet it and started to wag its tail and was just so excited. It was great 🙂 Tomorrow Jayden Devon and I are going to get breakfast at the Breakfast Club and I’m pretty stoked for some good solid breakfast food.

Well, until tomorrow!