I’ve officially begun my Prague trip planning with a flight booked and a hostel picked out so I’m quite excited!

I’ve been really hoping to get to Prague for a while now and it’s actually happening and I couldn’t be more excited! Did I already mention that? Lucky for me I’ve got a friend who lives there so I’ve got it pretty good! 

I haven’t finished my list of things I’d like to do/ see in the Czech Republic so I’ll save that for later. I do know I’ll be trying some different beers though, maybe I’ll find some I like. 

Besides the usual touristy stuff,  I’m interested to see if it’s possible that I have any family there on my fathers side. Not that I would really have a clue where to start looking but on the off chance that I did it would be quite interesting to see. 

Since this is about my bedtime I’m going to keep this post short and sweet, until next time!