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This is a bit of an off topic post I suppose, but, its relevant to me and my time here so I thought I’d include it.

Well, to get started I began Yoga because my roommate Ashleigh back at college inspired me to join her. Now once I really got started I was pretty good about getting on the mat every day; it was especially fun when I had my yoga buddy and even more so when the house pets would join us. Yoga was a way for me to just relax and have some fun while challenging myself and I loved it. If at first I didn’t get a pose I’d try again the next day or move on to the next flow.

By doing this consistently, I was able to feel a sense of accomplishment when I got a pose down. Chaturanga pose wasn’t so difficult after a while because I kept doing it day after day for my warm up flows. This is opposed to when I first started when I couldn’t do it right and I didn’t know the proper form to start with let alone the arm strength for it!

Fast-forwards to now and I haven’t done yoga for a while, too long of a while if you ask me. I let myself get caught up with preparing for this study abroad trip and moving out of my house back at school that I stopped practicing.

You don’t, or let me say, I didn’t realize what I’d “lost” by stopping doing Yoga every day until I did a flow today. It just felt right, exactly what I needed to add to my day. Mind you it was one of my usual warm up flows, it was simple, but it was good to do. I made do with the hardwood floor of the room and no yoga mat although I may have to address that and pick up a mat. I’m starting to get that craving to do Yoga again and it’s great, now I just need to get to it.

I’ll probably just do my warm up flows daily, but that’s better than nothing. I’m used to a softer surface for headstands and the like so I’m a little too chicken to try it in my room. Although, the headstands and the likes were some of my favorite poses so perhaps I’ll work on my balance against the wall and start slow with tripod headstand..

Just to reminisce I’ve added a few pictures from my practices back at school!




The last day of a Yoga challenge; Corpse pose Ft. Loki