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The other block I had a guest speaker talk to my class and it was fascinating. I chose to take my Transatlantic Relations course because it seemed really interesting and fun. The speaker we had was a former NATO consultant from what I understood. He consulted the ambassador who spoke in NATO meetings on disarmament and the likes. That was probably my favorite guest speaker that block.

This block however my favorite was a health economist if I’m not mistaken who spoke on micro finance and its application for AIDS prevention. Specifically looking at Africa and giving micro loans to women in the hopes that given the proper training and education that they could make more money from the loan to repay it and save. The moral of the talk; there is no clear cut ending of women being less affected by AIDS if given a loan. This isn’t to say that some women don’t live healthier lives with less domestic abuse, but the correlation between micro-finance and AIDS prevention just isn’t to be seen at the moment with current programs. I hadn’t known much about this topic before the talk so it was a particularly enlightening one that I really enjoyed.

Tomorrow I’ve got a field trip to the Islamic Cultural Center which should be really interesting. I’ve never been to one before so I’m excited to see what information they can give us in the context of personal leadership and cultural awareness. Until then!