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Today was a picture day, by that I mean going to the touristy places to get the touristy pictures. We started out by going to London bridge so we could get a shot of the Tower Bridge. From London Bridge we walked across so we could go to the other side of the Tower Bridge and walk across there for close ups.

From London Bridge we got some good shots of the Tower Bridge! Get the picture? It was also selfie central, not only myself but pretty much everyone else too. Well, moving on, to get to Tower Bridge we had to walk past the Tower of London which was really cool to look at, I didn’t realize how huge it actually was!


Standing on London Bridge taking a picture of the Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge exceeded my expectations, I didn’t realize how big and ornate it was. I thought it was more or less just like any other bridge. It was a hub for tourists as one would expect, being as iconic as it is. Tower Bridge is synonymous with London as you might expect.

After our walk over both the London and Tower bridge we decided it was time for lunch. Our fellow study abroad students recommended Dishoom and we’d heard good things about it. I ordered the Lamb Boti Kabab which was spicy, and I also ordered a side of Naan as did Devon and Jayden. We shared our Naan’s since we all three ordered a different one. To be quite frank, I was quite a bit disappointed by Dishoom, I felt that it didn’t quite live up to its hype.

The food was expensive and I’ve had better Indian food elsewhere. I did enjoy the Naan although I’ve also had better. My perfect Naan is light and fluffy, but yet crisp at the same time. My lamb kabab was good, the spice level could have been a little higher as it was a spicy dish and not a mild one. The chutney sauce was pretty good so I was really happy with that! The three of us also ordered Mango Lassi drinks and they were great, I’m a fan of more frozen drinks so it was perfect.

After Dishoom we took the Tube to Westminster and took some more selfies with Big Ben and the iconic red telephone booths which was good. Prior to that I’d only been there in the evening when it was dark so I was happy to get some shots of the clock and the booth in the daytime.

From Big Ben we decided to walk to Buckingham Palace for some potentially better shots than before. On our way to the palace we passed through St. Jame’s park where the plethora of birds resided. We passed the Queen’s property, aka the swans, a lot of other birds as well.



I am also quite the fan of Snapchat, I found a different filter for Buckingham Palace that I much prefer to the other one. Once at the palace itself we took more of the usual gate pictures and then headed home to conclude our day out.


Join me next time as I explore more of London!