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Today’s activity was a walking tour of Shoreditch and prior to that we spent some time at the Old Spitalfields Market. Devon, Jayden and I started out our day with breakfast at a cafe around the corner which came highly recommended by Andrew and co. Instead of going for the full English breakfast today I went with what I recall was the Blue Ribbon special? It was egg,s bacon, hash browns, a portobello mushroom with spinach and toast. It came with coffee or tea and I opted for tea as per usual.

Next we hit the Tube taking the Hammer Smith and City line to Liverpool station where we met Hanna outside of the Royal Bank of Scotland in order to head off to the Spitalfields Market. Once there we did a quick go around of the biggest section to see what all was on offer before really taking the time to look at each stall that caught our interest. The first stall we really stopped at sold clothes, all shirts on one rack were £10 or about $15 which wasn’t bad. Then we found some dresses for £12 each.. I was in trouble then so we quickly browsed that section and left as soon as we could so I didn’t buy anything. The next stall that caught our eye was a jewelry stall with tons of rings. Again, I managed to refrain since I made sure to bring two of my usual rings with me in the hopes that I wouldn’t feel compelled to buy any more. Devon bought two really cute rings for £10 total and they’re quite good looking!

After wandering and having looked at all of the stalls on the one side we grabbed some food. The naan wraps won us over and they were quite good! It was at this point that I noticed there was a slightly smaller section off to the one side of the market and I of course had to go check it out. I’d managed to not buy anything except for food until this point when I saw a Harry Potter Deathly Hallows shirt and I was sold. It was one for £4 or 3 for £10 so I bought three different shirts. One England one, a black shirt and the Deathly Hallows shirt. I’m a sucker for Harry Potter most of the time so I figured why not.

Mind you, on the walking tour of Shoreditch we saw many an artwork but I’ll only highlight about twenty or so (Today I took about 180 pictures).





This is the Banksy graffiti that we found, the rest were rather elusive 


I don’t know all of the artists nor could I tell you much of anything about the graffiti we saw today. But if you ever have the chance to check it out yourself its well worth the walk! I was lucky enough to have been past a number of these before on my pilgrimage to get Beigel Bake bagels with Devon, quite a difference to see the artwork in the daytime I’ll tell you!


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