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Traveling abroad is all fun and roses right? Well not all of the time. Things I’ve learned so far may not seem so profound to you but they’re pretty important to me especially right now. First of all when you travel, be contentious of what you want out of it. Plan a budget maybe for the trip, for the month, however you want, just plan one.

When it came to Edinburgh we went for money over time and as such we only had one day to spend in Edinburgh. We took the bus which was about 9 hours each way to have about 22 hours (including sleep) to spend in the city itself. Looking back I’m glad we did that, I now know that yes a round-trip bus ticket is really cheap, but it doesn’t always make it worth it. There was so much more I would have liked to have been able to do while there that perhaps if we’d flown I could have had time to do.

On to my latest and greatest annoyance. Credit card use abroad. I am fairly sure that we alerted the company as to my going abroad. But when it came down to buying things online it was a no go. In person purchases worked just fine but as soon as I went to buy my third purchase for the evening online my credit card decided that it wasn’t happening. The funny thing-the card had been flagged-even though we’d called ahead and told them that I would be traveling and living abroad for a few months. Not to name any names or anything (Upromise) but this wasn’t the first time that this has happened. In the past however it was not so much of an issue as I was just a few states away rather than a continent away.

Long story short, always figure out what you value more, saving some money or having more time at a location. And then always, always make sure to notify your credit/ bank companies when you plan to travel. Perhaps even call them twice once to remind them once you get there or shortly before you leave. Everything did get sorted out and I was able to make my purchases. As it stood prior to that though, I would have been homeless for two nights in Stockholm and not have had a flight back to London-no thanks.