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Today for my Health Psych class we went to the Science Museum in South Kensington. First of all, this area was really awesome. Just a two minute walk from the Science Museum to where we ate took us past the Victoria and Albert Museum, and Natural History Museum as well!

The exhibits we looked at today included the Phrenology section from Mr. Welcome (this is connected to the Welcome Collection which my class will visit next week I believe), the more updated section on the human brain and a short but sweet cravings section.

The phrenology section was rather interesting, if you don’t know what it is I’ll summarize it for you; the old study of head shape and the corresponding personalities, criminal tendencies and characteristics of the person based on the shape. This is now known to be inaccurate and modern medicine has since taken leaps and bounds towards sophistication. A few of my favorite pieces in this collection included the Iron Lung, the fake mermaid and a smallpox vaccine.


The next section we went to I really enjoyed everything but some stand outs were a piece on a “The super-super-centenarian”, the phobias section, and the DNA section.


The phobias I specifically liked the best was Anglophobia which is the fear of England or English things, and globophobia which was the fear of balloons. Other phobias represented were the fear of spiders, sharp objects, injections, snakes, the color white and numerous other ones as well. As we left the museum to head to food we passed some rather interesting/nice cars and found some good photo-ops as well. Notice the Tesla? It’s beautiful-I thought it was a Dodge Viper before I saw it fully.

After the museum Jayden, Andrew and I went to get some food as we were all quite hungry and hadn’t eaten large enough breakfasts so as to tide us over much longer. We found a number of restaurants in the area and scoped them out. We eventually picked Kensington Creperie, and my goodness. Let me tell you, it was delicious. I ordered the Mona Liza which was a savory crepe with Feta cheese, spinach, mushroom, bacon, egg and cheddar cheese. It was amazing, totally hit the spot. After the crepes we decided to hit up the gelato place down the street and let me tell you that was also quite delish! I got three scoops; Cappaccino Almond, Vanilla Cookies and Nutella. I also asked for a student discount and while the price was normally £4.40 or so I only paid £3.90!


Can’t wait to go back to the Science Museum to see the rest of what it’s got to offer! Join me again soon!