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I love museums. I can happily attribute this to my great fortune at being able to travel over summers with my grandparents and cousins across the United States. On these lovely trips we would start out in California with my grandma, grandpa and I all packed into the family van and head to Pennsylvania. Once there we’d pick up the cousins Shannon (my eldest cousin) and her brother Kevin (he’s like a year or so younger?). From there we’d have an itinerary planned out. One year-the most memorable one besides Alaska-we followed the Louis and Clark trail.

On this trip in particular we chose to follow them on the 150th anniversary of the expedition. Little did I know at the time prior to starting, but there was a reenactment crew that started out from Elizabeth, PA on the Monongahela river that left just about a week or two before we left PA ourselves. Following their trail we had no expectations of finding them;what were the chances that we’d run into them and they’d be docked somewhere, really? Well as it turned out, we stopped at one of the museum sites along the way and it so happened that they were not too far down river from us. As we’d been going we’d stop at various museums and learn more about the United States, especially the museums pertinent to Louis and Clark and it was just happenstance that we would find them.

When we went to see if we might have a chance to talk to them or even see the boat we met the new cook who was to replace the old one-we think he was more or less fired since most all of their food went bad. In addition to losing food, it was suspected that someone poisoned the dog and the crew was in no mood to meet let alone talk to three pre-teen kids in all our giddiness and excitement. Now that story was the long version of why I enjoy museums. Since then and all of my summer trips with my cousins and grandparents I have a sense of appreciation for museums. When I was in the moment and younger I didn’t always appreciate the museums.

Looking back now, I’d give anything to do all of those trips over again, but now rather than when I was younger. Not to say that I was a total brat and didn’t pay any attention to the museums while we were there because I loved it most of the time, truly. Having been in London where most, if not all of the museums are free compared to not being free really gives me a great sense of appreciation for the places I’ve been.

Now I’ll talk a little about today’s excursion. I was able to go to the Museum of London and check that out. It is a very unique building and I absolutely loved what I saw so far. I made it through the first three sections almost. The London Before London, Roman London, Medieval London, and part of the War, Plague and Fire sections. From what I can tell, these are some of the permanent exhibitions and I’ve still got quite a few sections to see yet. We were only there for about an hour and a half and I was very much so taking my sweet time. I like to stop and read most all of the big pieces of information that I come across.

The most remarkable things I saw today were Roman mosaics in the Roman London, a coffin with a woman’s head reconstructed based on her skull, some Roman wall defenses left over from that time period-that was astounding to me. I was so surprised that they’ve lasted this long! I also briefly saw The London 2012 Cauldron from the 2012 Olympics!

Another long story short, I loved the museum so far from what I saw and I will most definitely be going back and bringing Devon with me as she’d also love it too! The pictures are mostly out of order, I uploaded them from my phone and can’t rearrange them as easily as I’d like to.

Join me next time to see what’s up!