As it’s already the 4th week of classes now is probably a good time to start planning for the five or so days off that we’ve got between block 1&2 right? Well so far I’ve got a train trip to the airport and a flight to Berlin planned out and a hostel for two nights once in Berlin. From there, we’re a bit stuck since Norwegian air’s website is down and we wanted to go to Oslo. Plans are in flux still so Oslo may turn into somewhere else depending on prices.

So far other options are Amsterdam and Stockholm which I’d be really happy with either way. As of now it’s Andrew, Eli and I (sadly Devon is already going somewhere else, but we’ll all have fun regardless!).

Things I’d love to do in Berlin are check out the Berlin Wall stuff, go to the Reichstag, look at the Holocast memorial, look at the Berlin Cathedral and many more things. Once I have my full trip all sorted out I’m sure I’ll find more to do. In the meantime I’ll be sleeping as its well past 2 am here.

Join me later as I figure out what I’ll be doing and where I’ll go!