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So far I’ve probably pet six dogs this Saturday and Sunday. In case you didn’t know, the amount of dogs I get to pet usually directly translates to how happy I am-especially when I’m away from my puppies back home. So back to the trip itself, today was started out at the York Castle Museum where we were given free reign to wander the museum at our own pace.

The first part was old Victorian era style homes, items and even a street complete with shops and museum workers in costume!  


 We went through the street checking out the different shops typical of the time. My favorite one was the chemists shop where the worker there gave us a history on the poisons used as commonplace remedies. The next part of the museum was a World War 1 Exhibit. Sadly to say both Devon and I were nearing our museum limit pertaining to WW1. Both of us (more so Devon than I) have been studying it in one of our classes. 

There were definitely some really cool things to look at and great information there but it was hard to enjoy it when we’d seen and studied it so much lately it was sort of an overwhelming feeling. Things I particularly enjoyed looking at in this section of the museum were the glass eyes, the little trench tunnel (made for kids I’m assuming), and some weapons.    


 The next section of the museum was The Sixties section which was definitely my favorite part of the museum! It started out with an intro into the sixties as well as a color scheme with the various areas of change I.e. Music, clothes, you get the picture.  My favorite piece of this was a dress from 1968 and it’s something I could see myself wearing even now! Below that picture is a three part picture of 60’s things with Che Guevara which I also really enjoyed. 

 Here is a picture of the whole room below.  After the Sixties portion we went to the prison museum briefly it wasn’t as interesting as we’d expected but it was still decently enlightening. The best part of that section was the original door at its original height.

 From here we walked the stairs up to the Clifford tower but weren’t so interested in paying to get into the tower itself. Instead we just took a picture from up there and left.  


 From here we wandered to and fro looking at shops that we hadn’t seen yesterday until we found a suitable lunch place. We decided on the Golden Lion which as it turned out was quite good! Per my usual I went for a meat pie, did I already mention that I’m a bit taken with them? I already know what I’ll be craving food wise when I go home.. 

 I ordered the Taylor Walker Steak & Ale Pie and I was quite pleased with my choice! On a dog note, the pub we ate at had two dogs in it while we were there and we just so happened to sit next to one. Of course I decided to do this so I could enjoy it’s company and perhaps pet it, the usual. It was a gorgeous border collie who was exceptionally behaved! Next on our walk about York was finding our favorite soap shop from the day before and checking it out some more. Until we got to that though we went into most of the stores that struck our fancy and managed to buy relatively little considering! All in all the day has been a great success. I quite enjoyed my time at the museum and absolutely loved the quaint shopping stores and all of York’s quirks. If you’re in England with time to spare I’d highly recommend York! 

Join me on my next adventure or exploration next time!