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On the train to York we went through the countryside and some more urban cities as well. The green pastures were lush and reminded me of California -when not in a drought-and the green rolling hills and farmland there. About 30 minutes into the ride we passed a little meandering river that seemingly appeared from nowhere. That same little river butted up to about six or seven properties that I could see and then went under a house’s archway type structure. I’ve not quite seen anything like that back home, it looked so quaint and homely. 
 Along that same river I probably saw at least three swans in a ten minute period. Most of the houses in more densely developed swathes were town homes up to four or even five connected at a time. Again for my area not something that I personally see often. Not much father down the line I saw probably 30 or so swans at one bend in the river-all property of the Queen of course. 
Breakfast about 40 minutes in was a breakfast sandwich from Pret consisting of tomato, egg, mushrooms, ketchup and a little bit of other veggies. Plus my Starbucks coffee frape; no matter the season I only get frapes not a fan of hot drinks.  I would say that we all made it to York but as it happens two of our party didn’t have enough time to get off of the train and happened to go on to the next stop. Other than that mishap the rest of us disembarked and made it to the accommodations just fine.  


 First stop in York after the hostel was lunch in the old assembly hall for the city now converted to an Italian Restaurant. After lunch was a walking tour of York starting with the Yorkshire Museum and gardens followed by the old hospital remains. From here we shuffled over to the King’s manor where it’s said that King Henry the 8th stayed with Katherine when they visited. Then after the brief stop there we found our way to the York Minster where we toured the beautiful cathedral. That was my highlight for the day for sure. That and just being able to walk the streets of York and see the old buildings still there and in use more or less.  

   We then walked down the streets where butchers sold meat and could still see the shelves were it was sold as well as the hooks from which the carcasses hung. From here we walked more and looked at places we were to have gone except the flooding shut them down such as the Merchants Adventurers Hall. Then we came across this remanent of a castle that has so far withstood the test of time, it was quite the spectacle!

    Tomorrow we will pick up going to the York Castle Museum and I’m quite excited to see what it’s got in store for us!