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CIEE is taking a group of us to York (those of us who wanted to go) for Saturday into Sunday afternoon. We leave at around 7:30 tomorrow (Saturday) morning, and will arrive in York at about 12pm for lunch. After which we check into our hotel/hostel for the night and then we go on our walking tour of York itself. Note that the featured picture is an aerial view of York including York Minster (presumably, perhaps don’t quote me on that?).

I’m quite excited to have the evening off and to wander York as well as finding a dinner spot! I’m hoping to have another kind of meat pie like the one in Edinburgh (I may be a little obsessed with those now). The next day, we’ve got breakfast at 8:30 followed directly by a visit to the York Castle Museum and that’ll probably be what I’m looking forwards to the most! Devon found a “Medieval dining hall” sort of restaurant to go to in York that serves all sorts of platters and meat pies so perhaps we’ll check that out tomorrow!

Then again, after the York Castle Museum time we’ll again have the afternoon free until we leave around 5pm to head back to London. Tonight I’ll be looking up places to check out in York beyond just food of course! (Along with working on my Mountain of Homework as mentioned in my last post, I’ve got a solo presentation due Monday along with the rest of my class more or less. Luckily I started two days ago so I’m closer to completing it than say, those who haven’t started yet. Perhaps Monday I’ll do the readings for class, or maybe on the train?)