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The uneventful day I’ve had doesn’t lend itself well to blogging. The highlight of today was the travel workshop that a CIEE member (Hanna) put on for us. As you may know by now, I plan on traveling–go figure with a blog titled Journeysofastudioustraveler.  In the aforementioned travel workshop Hanna gave us some really great information regarding travel tips. Here I will go over the ones that especially resonated with me and what I’ve got to add to them!

Looking back, I feel slightly silly for not having actively thought about some of the things that were pointed out in the workshop, others I’d quickly figured out with my first short trip under my belt. This may seem rather obvious, but to me and many others I found out it wasn’t; checking where you’re able to go with or without a visa is pretty important. Maybe Russia isn’t so much of an option; good thing I hadn’t planned on going there this semester? Next was checking airport proximity to the city you plan to go, for example Stockholm airport is not what  you might expect it isn’t quite in the city itself so perhaps not the best place to fly into if you’re going to Stockholm for the weekend.

From airports we moved on to discussing hostels, for Edinburgh I booked our hostel through a booking website and it worked out really well. I did call to make sure I had the reservation and everything was as it should be, and it was indeed! Hanna though, had other experiences, when traveling to New York, she “booked” a bed through the booking website and as it turned out it was only a notice of “interest” given to the hostel. From now on I will always be calling the hostel/hotel as I did the first time to make sure I’ve got a room and all of the details are correct!

The next bit of information that Hanna gave us was to bring a pillow case along, could be used for go figure, a pillow (if you stuff your clothes into it when you really don’t want to have a sore neck from sleeping on the plane/ train/bus), or a laundry bag! Quite nifty if you ask me! My take on this was bringing my “bedroll” or a sheet that is shaped like a sleeping bag and has a pillow slot if you will. I took this along with me and since I’m inherently suspicious I slept in it under the covers and used the pillow “slot” to cover the hostel’s pillow. If you can imagine that my “sheetroll” looked like the picture below and included the are for the pillow you’d have a good image of what I’ve got. (I’ve got no idea what it’s actually called, sorry about that)sleeping bedroll like mine for blog.jpg

The the last piece of information she gave us that hadn’t entirely occurred to me was to research the location of the hostel–is the neighborhood good, perhaps that is why the price is better than the rest..?

I’m quite excited for class tomorrow as I’ve got a guest speaker coming to talk about addiction for my Health Psychology course!