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Today’s Health Psych class consisted of lecture then a guest speaker coming in. Dr. Jo Lusher talked to our class on addiction and her findings thereof. The talk was very informative as we have been talking about smoking and alcohol in relation to the UK and the problems associated with it. I won’t go on too much about this but there is a high number of people who smoke in the UK, as well as a large number of those who consume unsafe levels of alcohol (unsafe now defined as anything more than 7 units a week according to the NHS I do believe).

Dr. Lusher was a very engaging speaker, she quite knew her stuff and even challenged us during her talk. Her questions to us were sometimes open ended and other times more direct, always informative of course too! In this class we’ve got a final paper and it’s got to relate to a subject we cover in class–surprise¬†surprise. After listening to the talk today I am most definitely leaning towards writing about one of the topics relating to smoking and addiction as the choices in and of themselves are quite interesting.

The latest assignment however is a presentation due this Monday, and well let me look at my schedule. CIEE is taking all of us who wish to go, to York. We leave at 7:50am Saturday morning and will be back at King’s Cross around 8pm Sunday evening. Not much time to work on a presentation mind you. Suffice to say that I’ve started and have a Prezzi outlined already so I just need to do the bulk of the work now and I’ll be set I’m sure. See, there is only one person in the class that chose to present the next week, not in a few days like the rest of us. Prior to that I had an assignment due tomorrow which I finished yesterday and turned in tonight so I’m ahead of the game there!

Well, in preparation for York it’s time to do laundry before I don’t.. so one more day of class then York for the weekend!