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This happened in the same day that we arrived via National Rail bus but this chronicles the daytime and evening endeavors. After we arrived and had our coffee we wandered to and fro looking at whatever building struck our fancy. First was this building that turned out to be the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. Sadly we did not make it to this gallery since we were there well before their opening time of 10am and had moved on before it opened.

Next we stumbled upon St. Andrew Square with a statue dedicated to Henry Dundas. And from this point we also noticed the first of the Scottish flags! Next on the journey we got our first glimpse of Scott Monument which was absolutely fascinating with its Gothic style. We then wandered down a street filled with statues and I found an interesting clock hanging above their local Lulu Lemon store.


From Lulu we kept walking and window shopping until we first spotted the Edinburgh Castle on the hill. After which we continued on down the street until we came to The National Archives of Scotland and had to stop for one of our countless photo ops that day. The building was facing Charlotte Square where the statue of the horse presided.

Next on our itenierary was lunch as our stomachs were growling, Devon was the only one to eat at our 8:30am coffee stop and Andrew and I were quite peckish by this time. I ordered a cider to go with my Doom Bar Pie both of which were amazing. I haven’t had many a cider but this one was by far the best I’ve tried so far! Along with my pie I selected chips and mushy peas. I’ve never been much of a pea person but this new way of eating it has converted me!

Shortly after lunch I snapped a picture of the triple-spired West End Cathedral. Not too long after the cathedral picture we made our way to the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art which was amazing! My favorite pieces there included the artists Miro, Tanguy, Salvador Dali, and Barns-Grahm. The ones linked are just a few of the ones I especially enjoyed but not all of them as I especially liked this museum.

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After checking out the gallery we went to check in at our hostel; The West End Hotel. We were in the 18 person mixed room with the shared bathroom. I was very impressed by this hostel as it was my first one to go to. It was clean, the beds were comfortable and the people were very nice. I had heard horror stories of people’s belongings getting stolen so I was overly cautious of what I left in the room as we went to tour the city more.

Edinburgh Scotland blog post two coming soon!