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I managed to go to a class that was canceled today so my day started out interestingly. However since I was at the class room early for my second class I decided to use the time productively namely talking to Victor for a little bit and then writing my reflection assignment for my canceled class that isn’t due until Tuesday! I’ve still got a little more do write for it and some polishing but I’ll do that on Sunday night or Monday since I’m leaving for Scotland tonight at 11pm.
Prior to leaving Devon, Andrew and I went to a record store out in Kingston. It was maybe a 45 minute trip taking the Tube then an overground train. The record store was called Banquet Records and it has everything you could think of. There was a relatively recent Imagine Dragons cd, and some really unique cd’s that I had no prior knowledge of plus this one super cute cover to this cd.  Looks a bit like my dogs so of course I was interested. 

Then while Andrew was perusing the large selection of records and cd’s Devon and I wandered off to Primark which we’d heard about but never been to yet. I may have found my new favorite store. The clothes were really cheap and seemed to be pretty good quality and I had to resist buying everything. And I really mean everything. There were really smart looking shirts for 8 pounds. An awesome sweater in particular that I may or may not have bought for a certain persons belated Christmas present and tons of other clothes that had I the room I’d buy it all to take home! For example I tried on a Peplum shirt which I’ve never managed to find one that fit and it worked right away!

From Primark we decided to grab a bite to eat and as I’d really been wanting to try a traditional English breakfast we went to a restaurant right down the street that had them all day for 4pounds and 50 pence which was not a bad price! The breakfast was huge and I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to sleep nicely on the 9 hour bus ride to Edinburgh Scotland later tonight! 


While getting snacks for the bus ride/ Scotland I encountered some Whiskey in cans like a family friend said I would and it was quite interesting!   

Well my next journey for tonight will be heading to the coach station to catch the bus! Until next time!