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Breakfast today consisted of a grilled egg& cheese sandwich that was quite delicious. I was inspired by a food video that I came across on facebook! Also before leaving for Wicked, the sunset was a lovely shade of pink, just had to include it here!


The highlight of the day was going to see Wicked it was amazing! CIEE took us (those who wanted to or were required by their class to go) and paid for our tickets (it would have been about $45 if they hadn’t). First of all, the venue itself was gorgeous, and the set was fantastic! The singing in the musical gave me chills at some points which was great! My favorite song in the musical was Defying Gravity and it was intense how they performed it, Elphaba was “floating” mid-air and it was just really great execution.


I had never seen this play before and I hadn’t known much about it as far as how it was alike or different from the traditional Wizard of Oz story itself and it did not disappoint. In fact, Wicked exceeded my expectations.



Tomorrow will be rather interesting too as I’ll be going with my Psych course to the Gordon Museum of Pathology and I’m really looking forward to it.

Until then!