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Today my Health Psychology course went to the Gordon Museum of Pathology which it turns out is not open to the general public. This museum is a part of the King’s College London campus so much so that lectures are held in the museum itself which I thought was just amazing! Inside there are body parts from all of the systems set up by system. For example, there was a section for gunshot wounds which was fascinating! Other sections that I really enjoyed looking at was the fracture section and the heart section.

This museum is specifically about pathologies and as such they don’t have “healthy” body parts. It is also an amazing teaching tool for the students and other medical professionals that come to use it. Were you a student at the college you’d have open access to the museum whereas I was only permitted to make use of it because of my course at our professor’s request. One more fun thing about the museum, if you can find the oldest and the newest specimen you’ll reportedly get a prize. Hint, the oldest one isn’t amongst the collection as you might think it would be (it is still in the museum you’ll just have to be creative in where you think to look) and I couldn’t find the newest one nor was I told exactly where it was so I can’t be of help there!

From the museum I was able to explore a little bit and headed off towards the Shard which was very close by! Going to the viewing deck (aka The View From the Shard) is definitely high up on my list of things to do before I leave London for sure. As well as going on the London Eye and taking a river cruise on the Thames. From the Shard the next thing on my list of things to do before heading back to the dorms was check out the London& Tower Bridge because why not when we were already so close to it!

Next Andrew and I meandered to find food and what we found was pretty darn good! We both got the King Prawn sandwich special of the day for 5 pounds at the Old Thameside Inn. It came with a side of chips or a salad which was just what I was looking for; I opted for the chips because who doesn’t love a good side of em?

My next trip here will be to wander the Borough Market sometime and will probably include trying the tantalizingly delicious looking food!

Until next time!