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The highlights of today consisted of the National Gallery (<-find the map there) and Some pretty good food. Devon and I left via Tube for the gallery about 3:30pm and were able to spend two hours in the gallery itself. While there we looked at the paintings in the 13th- to 16th-Century Italian Galleries, 16th-Century Italian, French, and Spanish Galleries, 17th- to 18th-Century Italian, Spanish, and French Galleries, 15th- to 16th-Century Netherlandish and German Galleries, and the 17th-Century Dutch and Flemish sections.

Below are some shots of Trafalgar Square that I thought might be fun to share.

The amount of art work I saw in two hours was crazy to digest. Most of the paintings were Adoration of the Christ, being about every 5th painting give or take a few which wasn’t surprising given the time frame. The next most common theme to the paintings had to have been Greek mythology which I really enjoyed. One painting in particular not specific to the two I’ve already mentioned was a painting of St. Catherine of Alexandria who is the patron saint of my school back in MN.

In addition to all I’ve mentioned above I saw quite a few Rembrandt paintings some of which I enjoyed more so than others. I recognized the style of Vermeer in a few of his paintings, but alas the Girl with a Perl Earring was not to be there but maybe I’ll get around to the Netherlands to see it before I leave.

From the gallery we went on to the St Martin in The Field church’s Cafe in the Crypt. This came recommended by a family friend and it was quite good. Devon and I split the main meat dish which tonight consisted of breaded Chicken with carrots, potatoes, broccoli and a delicious gravy. I also had a bite of Creme Brulee which was amazing, I’d go back just for that let alone the rest of the food. The main dish itself cost about $18 and Devon and I split it so it wasn’t too bad of a price and for the amount of food you received it would have been well worth it.


This was the St. Martin in the Fields church itself


This picture here is of the flood in the Cafe in the Crypt, quite a few of the floor pieces were tombstones which was fascinating to see!

From dinner we meandered to Covent Garden station and stopped in some cute shops along the way and passed Urban Decay again, seriously love that makeup brand! Along with passing Urban we also passed quite a few red Telephone booths so I took a picture of one myself.


Tomorrow I’ll be going to see Wicked and I couldn’t be more excited!

PS: While on the tube a quite friendly dog came up to Devon, pawed her leg and leaned up against her asking for affection, it was so random and the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while! The dog proceeded to go on and nudge other people who were close by for some pets as well (the owner was on the tube as well, and the dog had a leash albeit the owner wasn’t holding it).