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Today being Monday wasn’t particularly painful as I had both of my classes and it was a pretty good day. Usually back home Mondays are always dreaded just having come from the relaxation of the weekend. My first class was my 9am Transatlantic Relations course which went until 12pm, after which I had a five hour break until my Health Psychology course from 5-7pm.

Between my two classes today I went to take a nap and ended up just straight up sleeping-like my norm when I “nap”-go figure. I woke up about 10 minutes before my alarm to leave for class went off, so at least I had a little bit of time to get ready!

After class I went to get some dinner at Pizza Union with Andrew and Devon (roommie) met us there for some pretty good food! The pizza was thin crust, and for a 12″ pizza it wasn’t too pricey. I got the Bianca for about three pounds.


Tomorrow is National Gallery day, hope you’ll be back to hear about that next!

PS: I found some nifty Trump geotags on Snapchat :3