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Today was rather quite, the most exciting thing I did was go to Angel again today and I tried a new-to-me restaurant (which I hear we have back east in the US). While at Angel I helped Devon look for some “going out” tops at H&M for dressier occasions if it came up and I grabbed a charging bank for my phone in the event that I was out and it tried to die on me, again.

While in Angel today I was able to snap a picture of the wings sculpture piece so I’ve got a better picture to share! After Angel we walked back and I read some for class and hung out in the room to relax and just chill. Later Devon, another friend and I went to Nandos.  This restaurant started in South Africa and has since migrated to Europe as well as the east coast of the US and it’s quite tasty! I had a chicken burger with mild spice and a side of fries. A little pricey with the conversion but pretty good and I was quite full afterwards!