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Today stared out with a goal; get to Soho for The Potato Project. We (being Devon) used Trip Adviser to look up some restaurants in Soho so we had a reason to go and a relatively well priced place to eat once getting there. I (middle) ordered spicy wedges with sour cream and crispy onion, Devon (left) ordered ham hock, cheddar, and piccalilli, and Andrew (right) ordered a sweet potato with mozzarella and sun dried tomatoes. IMG_4797

The walk there took us through the China Town area where there was a beautiful gate!


The walk to The Potato Project took us through China Town and I just had to get a shot of this gate!

IMG_4794Next we ventured towards a tall building to get a better look at it. We ran into a small mall and checked that out as well and found some really interesting shops and a cool looking book store too. Then we walked back towards the tube and found ourselves on Oxford street which we walked down for a while. Found some interesting shops, popped into a Marks and Spencer’s, looked at GAP, briefly looked at an Urban Outfitters and others. We were just window shopping and I was personally looking at price differences which weren’t too drastic as things were a bit pricier than back home.


From Oxford street we meandered off towards Leicester Square which we found quite readily. The square itself was gorgeous the little park in the middle was rather decorated and pretty in and of itself while the square around it was filled with exciting stores and flashy buildings.


While in Leicester Square we also watched a group of performers break dancing and performing various other dance types which was pretty fun. Just at the other end of the square there was a man juggling knives-and while we’d briefly wandered to Trafalgar Square there’d been a man playing a bagpipe (and a Yoda guy).

Moving on from Leicester Square we wandered until we found signs for Covent Garden (which took a little longer than we’d anticipated-couldn’t quite figure ourselves out there). A little out of order but we also happened on a cute little art gallery while going to Leicester Square?

Covent Garden was a lovely area, again there was a street performer with a unicycle this time, and some awesome shops as well as some artsy and crafty stalls in an outdoor market. On the way we passed an Urban Decay store-if I buy good quality makeup it’s always this brand, no question.


The end of this adventure was wandering Covent Garden until we found the Tube station and headed back to the dorms for the next event the Lumier Light Festival. (Also saw a Viper.. :O Hella pretty car). Leaving the Kings Cross station I got this picture of the St Pancras Hotel (below).


The Lumiere London Light Festival was amazing tonight. I saw 7 exhibits as part of the festival. the first one was the IFO (Identified Flying Object: the birdcage). This one was the closest to Kings Cross station and is a permanent fixture but for this festival it was lit up in changing colors. The next one we saw was just around the corner it was an exhibit called Joining the Dots. This one was about how the human mind only needs 13 points of reference to know what a body is doing or if it is an old or a young one. The points being the obvious head, shoulders, elbows, hands, hips, knees and feet. The dots were projected onto the building and some moved a lot while the minority didn’t move much.


IMG_4831.JPG IMG_4835From the bird cage we went to the Circus of Light which was just fabulous! It was a view of London via a circus theme showcasing the people that worked and lived there.

The next art piece we saw was called Binary Waves, the panels moved and lit up in reaction to unseen radio signals I suppose you could call it; things such as texts, phone calls, snapchats, and the like.


After that one our next stop was the Liter of Light which was really interesting and I can’t eloquently explain it so check out the video above.


From Liter of Light we went on to The Diver which was as you would imagine a depiction of a person diving into a pool.

Next was a space-like themed dish that looked like a satellite “searching for signals” it was called Spectra-3 Lux. This concluded our Lumiere London Light Festival after which we headed to Kings Cross to grab some food on our way home for the night.


At Kings Cross we went and paid homage to the recently deceased Alan Rickman (Snape amongst other roles) at an impromptu memorial set up next to platform 9&3/4.

Until next time!