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Day two has gone pretty well, I had my Transatlantic Relations course today which seems like it will be quite interesting and very enlightening! I explored my area some more, made it to Brick Lane for some delish bagels at Beigle Bake an awesome 24 hour shop. Sooner or later I’ll look more seriously into the clubs at University College London and perhaps join one or a few. On the way back from class I stopped before crossing the street and snapped this picture of the St. Pancras Hotel which is an absolutely gorgeous building, this picture doesn’t do it justice. IMG_4762

Not only have I had both of my classes at this point, but I’ve also now gotten access to Canvas the system through which classes are organized online-what a feat it’s been! I now have access to syllabi,  readings and assignments. I was one of many other students to have fallen through the cracks of the system and as such I never had confirmation of my classes prior to arriving here which to say the least was quite frustrating not only for me but for CIEE as well! Alas, all is well and I’ve got access to all that I need regarding my study here-the next step is to visit the library instead of buying text books as suggested by the professors.

Tonight dinner has consisted of a  bagel as mentioned above, my favorite has and always will be a Lox bagel sandwich; they’re just so delicious and who doesn’t like a good piece of salmon every once in a while? I also grabbed a turnover for breakfast which is now staring me in the face as I tell myself I can wait until the morning.. Together between my pastry and my salmon & cream cheese bagel I spent about two pounds and 50p which is about $4. This is my new favorite bagel shop I hope to have the route down soon so I can meander and try out other places as I won’t get lost!

IMG_4783Not only was the food good but the walk as well. Devon and I managed to find our way to Beigel Bake rather easily even with some minor GPS malfunctions the walk was brisk and the weather even more so hovering just below 40 degrees F. On our way there (and back of course) we saw a lovely church that I’m sure looks better in day light but nonetheless it’s still rather appealing at night! Next on our agenda was heading back to our housing, since we remembered most of the way back we decided not to use GPS. It wasn’t until about 3/4 of the way there that we made a wrong turn and resorted back to the GPS; once on track both of our phones promptly died-at the same time might I add.

Tomorrow’s events will likely be the highlight of this week as far as uniqueness, we’re going to see the Lumiere Light festival that has more or less taken over parts of London. I do believe that this is the first time that this festival is happening.

Join me tomorrow for more on the Light Festival!