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The first thing I saw today when I woke up was the view from my room; the sun was still rising in the sky and the clouds were minimal but what clouds I could find were a lovely pink color. I’d say that was a great way to start the day off!


Today wasn’t quite as exciting as the past few days have been alas there are always new things to talk about. Today was the academic orientation day which was well, rather cut and dry for the most part. The session went from 10AM until 1PM after which we were free to do whatever we pleased for the rest of the day.

My roommate Devon and I along with our friend went to explore the local shopping area which was quite nice and had a wide variety of shops. We found a store that had all sorts of quirky items, it was called Tiger and was a Dutch based store. Inside it had everything from party supplies to workout gear as well as many crafty items.

From there we wandered the shopping center and found another grocery store as well as a pretty interesting sculpture of wings on a food stand. IMG_4739

Tomorrow starts the first class for me, so I’ve got a lot to look forward to!