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Today started out with some interesting orientation topics. We discussed culture, politics, safety (resulting in some very, uh, entertaining skits) and travel tips. Next on the agenda was a walking tour of the city of Westminster-this is the place you’re thinking of when you think iconic London landmarks.


My roommate Devon and I on the steps in front of Queen Victoria’s Statue posing in front of some more beautifully gilded gates in the background.

IMG_4694We took the underground Victoria line, got off at the Green Park station and walked though, Green Park itself until we reached Buckingham palace. The palace itself was beautiful, and no, the queen was not in residence while I was there. She’s slowly making less appearances at Buckingham it seems in favor of her other residences. The first thing I noticed about the palace itself were that the gates were beautiful, I didn’t really look at the building until after I’d take in in the gates themselves with their beautiful gilding.

While this isn’t one of the gates directly in front of the palace itself this one was also equally beautiful. It also frames the Queen Victoria Statue quite nicely.

The next stop from here was a quick pass by the Admiralty Arch which was stunning. From here we went on to Trafalgar square snapped a few quick photos and moved on (the image featured at the top is of the National Gallery). Our next destination was Big Ben, and the Parliamentary buildings as well as a walk-by of Westminster Abby and a quick view of the London Eye looking past Big Ben.

We ended the night with taking the tube to Whitechapel (and yes, this is where Jack the Ripper is famous for murdering prostitutes) for dinner. We went to a great Indian food restaurant called Tayyabs where we had a number of dishes and Naan bread. The bread was amazing, not to say that the rest of the food wasn’t good but I’m a Naan fanatic if you will. I’m obsessed with it when I have it. My roommate and I stuck around after most people left and we took all of the leftover naan home with us (as well as a few other dishes) and will be happily enjoying it later on this week.


Can’t wait for my next adventure to write about, join me again soon!